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Quotes on Support

Quotes on Support (I)

  1. "Regardless of who or what you support, I put stock in supporting decency first."_Jennette Mccurdy 
  2. "We can't support everybody, except everybody can help someone."_Ronald Reagan 
  3. "Energize, lift and reinforce each other. For the positive vitality spread to one will be felt by every one of us. For we are associated, one and all."_Deborah Day 
  4. "In the event that you need to help others, you need to remain upstanding yourself."_Peter Heg 
  5. "Your little help could achieve a major dream."_Mohammad Rishad Sakhi 
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  1. "He stands erect by twisting around the fallen. He ascends by lifting others."_Robert Green Ingersoll 
  2. "It is a royal demonstration to help the fallen."_Ovid 
  3. "It is an unceasing commitment toward the individual not to give him a chance to experience the ill effects of craving when one gets an opportunity of providing to his with some timely help. "_Simone Weil 
  4. "Never connect your hand except if you're willing to expand an arm."_Elizabeth Fuller 
  5. "To keep a light consuming we need to continue placing oil in it."_Mother Teresa

Quotes on Support (II)

  1. "At the point when an individual is down on the planet, an ounce of assistance is superior to a pound of lecturing. "_Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton 
  2. "The most genuine help we can render a distressed man isn't to take his weight from him, yet to get out his best vitality, that he might almost certainly bear the burden."_Phillips Brooks 
  3. "In the event that you have much, give of your riches; in the event that you have nearly nothing, give of your heart."_Arabian Proverb 
  4. "Backing the solid, offer mettle to the tentative, remind the unconcerned, and caution the opposed."_Whitney M. Youthful 
  5. "Make a propensity for two things: to help; or if nothing else to do no harm."_Hippocrates 
Quotes on Support
  1. "Help other people accomplish their fantasies and you will accomplish yours."_Les Brown 
  2. "Now and then the main thing you could improve the situation individuals was to be there."_Terry Pratchett 
  3. "Helping other people isn't an errand; it is one of the best endowments there is."_Liya Kebede 
  4. "Bolster the debilitated, however not the idle."_Unknown 
  5. "To help Quotes on Support life, abandoning it free, nonetheless, that is the fundamental errand of the educator."_Maria Montessori 

Quotes on Support (III)

  1. "Helping individuals getting an extraordinary begin throughout everyday life, an incredible establishment is an investment."_Gerry Schwartz 
  2. "Give, however, give until it hurts."_Mother Teresa 
  3. "No demonstration of benevolence, regardless of how little, is ever wasted."_Aesop 
  4. "Gaze upward and not down. Look forward and not back. Watch out and not in, and loan a hand."_Edward Everett Hale 
  5. "Never look down on anyone except if you helping him up."_Jesse Jackson 
  1. "When you stop to make a commitment, you start to die."_Eleanor Roosevelt 
  2. "Kind words can be short and simple to talk, yet their echoes are really endless."_Mother Teresa 
  3. "Everyone can be great...because anyone can serve. You mustn't have a professional education to serve. You don't need to influence your subject and action word to consent to serve. You just need a heart loaded with elegance. A spirit produced by love."_Martin Luther King 
  4. "The best treat you can improve the situation another isn't simply shared your wealth, yet uncover to them their own."_Disraeli 
  5. "Nobody can whistle an ensemble. It takes an entire ensemble to play it."_H.E. Luccock 

Quotes on Support (IV)

  1. "It takes the network to keep up a human."_Earon Davis 
  2. "It isn't sufficient to enable the weak to up, however, to help him after."_William Shakespeare 
  3. "Help each other; there's no time like the present and no present like the time."_James Durst 
  4. "Never stress over numbers. Help one individual at any given moment, and dependably begin with the individual closest you."_Mother Teresa 
  5. "In case you're in the most fortunate one percent of humankind, you owe it to whatever is left of mankind to consider the other 99 for every cent."_Warren Buffett 
  6. "It is truly evident that you can succeed best and snappiest by helping other people to succeed."_Napolean Hill 
  7. "The most ideal approach to end up is to lose yourself in the administration of others."_Mahatma Gandhi 
  8. "There is no utilization whatever endeavoring to help individuals who don't support themselves. You can't push anybody up a stepping stool except if he is happy to climb himself."_Andrew Carnegie 
  9. "You can have all that you need throughout everyday life in the event that you sufficiently help individuals get what they need in life."_Zig Ziglar 
  10. "Life's most pressing inquiries is: What are you improving the situation others."_Martin Luther King 
  11. "The individuals who are most joyful are the individuals who do the most for others."_Booker T. Washington 
  12. "Doing nothing for others is the fixing of ourselves."_Horace Mann 
  13. "There is no activity preferable for the heart over coming to down and lifting individuals up."_John Andrew Holmes Jr
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