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    brainy quotes on true friendship

    Beneath you will discover our gathering of persuasive, insightful, and hilarious old genuine companions cites, genuine companions platitudes, and genuine companions maxims, gathered throughout the years from an assortment of sources.

    "A genuine companion openly exhorts legitimately, helps promptly, experiences strongly, takes all persistently, guards valiantly, and proceeds with a companion unchangeably."_William Penn


    "A genuine companion is one who neglects your disappointments and ensures your success."_Doug Larson


    "A genuine companion is somebody who is there for you when he'd preferably be anyplace else."_Len Wein:quotes about true friends being there for you 


    "A genuine companion is somebody who imagines that you are a decent egg despite the fact that he realizes that you are somewhat cracked."_Bernard Meltzer


    "Genuine companions are the individuals who came into your life, saw the most negative piece of you, however, are not prepared to abandon you, regardless of the fact that you are so infectious to them."_Michael Bassey Johnson


    "Genuine companions can speak with their eyes."_Mary Rose Magnaye


    "Genuine companions stroll in when the remainder of the world has strolled out."_Walter Winchell


    "Genuine companions are not mirrors where we can generally observe ourselves reflected in a positive light."_Shannon L. Birch


    "You can generally tell a genuine companion: when you've made a trick of yourself he doesn't feel you've completed a perpetual job."_Laurence J. Dwindle


    "Try not to stroll behind me; I may not lead. Try not to stroll before me; I may not pursue. Simply stroll close to me and be my friend."_Albert Camus


    "Heaps of individuals need to ride with you in the limo, however, what you need is somebody who will take the transport with you when the limo breaks down."_Oprah Winfrey


    "Just your genuine companions will reveal to you when your face is dirty."_Sicilian Proverb:


    "Numerous individuals will stroll all through your life, yet just evident companions will leave impressions in your heart."_Eleanor Roosevelt


    "A dependable companion giggles at your jokes when they're not all that great, and feels for your issues when they're not all that bad."_Arnold H. Glasgow


    "The companion is the man who thoroughly understands you and still likes you."_Elbert Hubbard


    "A genuine companion never gets in your manner except if you happen to go down."_Arnold Glasow


    "Love the companion who discloses to you a cruel truth, needing multiple times more to reveal to you an adoring lie."_Robert Brault


    "A companion can reveal to you things you would prefer not to disclose to yourself."_Frances Ward Weller


    "A companion shares the great occasions and assists by tuning in amid the awful times."_Molly Oliver


    "A genuine companion is somebody you can differ with and still remain companions. For if not, they weren't correct companions in the primary place."_Sandy Ratliff


    "A genuine companion energizes us, solaces us, underpins us like a major armchair, offering us a protected shelter from the world."_H. Jackson Brown:brainy quotes on true friendship


    "Ok, how great it feels! The hand of an old friend."_Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


    "One proportion of fellowship comprises not in the number of things companions can talk about, yet in the number of things they need no longer mention."_Clifton Fadiman


    brainy quotes on true friendship:"Reveal to me something just you know and make another friend."_Dejan Stojanovic


    "What attracts individuals to be companions is that they see a similar truth. They share it."_C.S. Lewis


    "The most wonderful revelation genuine companions make is that they can develop independently without developing apart."_Elizabeth Foley

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